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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Medicaid: A Vital Health Coverage Program

Conservative lawmakers opposed to the federal Medicaid program would like to dramatically change its structure (Speaker Ryan and other House Republicans have proposed major changes). Here's a roundup of Families USA resources that explain the real damage these proposals could have on people’s access to health care. 

How per capita caps and block grants would weaken Medicaid

In recent years, we’ve seen policymakers at the state and federal level propose the establishment of a per capita cap in Medicaid and block grants as alternatives to the current financing structure. 

•    How Per Capita Caps in Medicaid Would Hurt States (Issue Brief) 

•    Block Grants: A Bad Idea for Medicaid (Fact Sheet) 

Evidence that Medicaid provides quality health care and other benefits

Learn more about how Medicaid:

•  Supports Doctors, Hospitals, and the Communities They Serve (Fact Sheet)

•  Provides Vital Health Coverage to Low-Income Adults (Fact Sheet) 

•  Has Become An Essential Program for States and Their Residents (Fact Sheet)

•  Helps People Get Health Care and They Are Satisfied With That Care (Blog)

For regular updates on new research demonstrating the effectiveness of Medicaid, read our blogs.