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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

State of Enrollment Workshop: How Assisters Can Educate Public Officials

Jessica Kendall

Director of State Partnerships

Updated May 18, 2016—Every day around the country, enrollment assisters help consumers get enrolled and stay enrolled in health coverage. This work provides assisters with a unique perspective on the consumer’s experience with the health care system. And it puts assisters in an ideal position to educate public officials about the enrollment process and to share their ideas for improving it. 

The decisions public officials make at the federal, state, and local levels can have major implications for the systems we use to help Americans enroll in health coverage. This is why Families USA encourages assisters to make their voices heard on public policy issues affecting enrollment.  

To learn more about how to get engaged and do public education, check out the options below.


At the Enroll America “State of Enrollment” conference in Washington, D.C. on May 12, we'll be hosting a workshop on “Effective Strategies for Educating Public Officials & Advancing Public Policy.” See slides from the workshop!


On April 28, we held a webinar on "Make Your Voice Heard: Enrollment Assisters in Public Policy.” Two different groups shared their experiences: The Montana Primary Care Association and the Patient Innovation Center from Illinois. They both provided tips and strategies for ways that enrollment assisters can make change at the state and national level. 


Our new Public Policy Toolkit for Enrollment Assisters is designed to help enrollment assisters become effective advocates on issues that matter to them and to consumers.

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