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Friday, May 2, 2014

Keeping and Using Health Coverage: Steps That Consumers Should Take after Enrolling in Health Insurance

Now that open enrollment has ended, enrollment assisters are turning to the next phase of their work: 1) Helping consumers who did not get enrolled by March 31 figure out whether they can still sign up for health insurance, and 2) helping consumers who did sign up learn how to use and keep their health insurance. To help enrollment assisters answer new questions from consumers, we’ve created four new factsheets.

Four fact sheets help enrollment assisters answer consumer questions about using and keeping new health coverage

This week, Families USA released four new fact sheets designed to give assisters the information they need to help consumers after open enrollment. Many of the consumers who now have insurance because of the Affordable Care Act have never had private insurance before. They’ll want to know more about how their new insurance works and how to use it to get access to a doctor and other medical services. Answering these questions effectively is a core part of ensuring that consumers know how to keep their insurance throughout the year, and to understand the value of the insurance they bought. And in addition to helping these consumers, enrollment assisters will still need to help the many consumers who were unable to enroll in health coverage before March 31, but are still hoping to do so. These consumer-friendly fact sheets address many key questions that enrollment assisters will field from consumers:

  1. What to Do after You Buy Health Insurance in the Marketplace
  2. How to Keep your Marketplace Health Insurance
  3. How to Use Your Health Insurance
  4. What to Do if You Are Uninsured after March 31, 2014

More resources to guide enrollment assisters after open enrollment

In addition to the new fact sheets, enrollment assisters should look for the most recent in Families USA’s series of webinars for enrollment assisters, “Helping Consumers after Open Enrollment.” The webinar featured presentations from assisters at the Health Federation of Philadelphia and the Kentucky Primary Care Association, who described how they are measuring their impact during the open enrollment period, what they are working on now that open enrollment has ended, and how they are gearing up for the next open enrollment period. If you missed it, you can see a replay on our Enrollment Assister Resource Center.