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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Harnessing the Power of HealthIT to End Health Disparities

Kim Bailey

Health System Improvement Program Director

Health information technology (HealthIT) offers many powerful tools in the fight to eliminate disparities in the delivery of care and health outcomes. From identifying variation in care delivery and outcomes by demographic group to harnessing the power of mobile devices to collect and share health data, the opportunities to leverage HealthIT in the promotion of health equity are plentiful. 

To learn more about the ways in which HealthIT can be used to fight disparities in health care delivery and outcomes, check out the Action Plan that the Consumer Partnership for eHealth released in August 2013. If you’re on board with these concepts, join us in calling on the Administration to support the meaningful use of HealthIT to end health disparities by signing this petition

Thank you to our colleagues at the National Partnership for Women and Families for leading the charge to create this petition!