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Monday, January 20, 2014

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear to Speak at Health Action 2014

Kate Blocher

Staff Writer

Health Action 2014 starts in just a few days, and we have an amazing lineup of speakers, workshops, and events.

Plenary speakers include Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear and San Antonio Mayor Julián Castro, in addition to other state and national health care leaders. Workshops and networking events will cover what’s at stake with Medicaid, advocacy strategies for improving the health care system through delivery and payment reform, and how to make the marketplaces better for consumers, to name a few.

We’re especially excited to hear from Governor Beshear, and you should be too. Why?

If you’ve been following the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, you’ve probably heard about Governor Beshear. He has enthusiastically supported implementing all aspects of the Affordable Care Act—building Kentucky’s state marketplace (Kynect) and expanding Medicaid to Kentuckians with incomes under 133 percent of the federal poverty level.

Kentucky is one of the country’s major enrollment success stories.

By the end of December, 96,968 Kentuckians—nearly a fifth of the state’s half-a-million uninsured people—had enrolled in coverage through the state’s marketplace. And 40 percent of enrollees are under 35. Why is this important? Because getting young, healthy Americans enrolled in health coverage is crucial to the law’s success.

Governor Beshear will tell us how he was able to work with his state house to ensure that the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented and to ensure that Kentuckians know about and sign up for coverage. He will offer valuable insights on how to move forward with the Affordable Care Act, especially in states that have yet to expand Medicaid.

If you can’t join us in person, follow us online.

Health Action 2014 starts on Thursday, January 23. If you can’t join us in Washington, D.C., follow us online—we’ll be live blogging and tweeting (@FamiliesUSA, #HA2014) the conference, as well as posting updates on Facebook. And if you will be joining us—see you soon!