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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What makes Health Action conference special? You!

Kate Blocher

Staff Writer

Health Action 2014 is just two months away! If you haven’t registered yet to join us from January 23 to January 25 here in Washington, DC, let me tell you why you should. Besides getting to hear from state and national leaders in health policy and health care justice, Health Action provides an amazing opportunity to make new connections—or rekindle old ones—with state advocates from across the country.

You are what make Health Action special, and if you don’t believe me, this is what a few of our state partners had to say about their experiences:

Judi Hilman of Arches Health Plan in Utah told us, “I’m proud to say this will be my 15th conference, and I’ve never missed a single one! Every year brings new challenges in this work, and this year in particular (OMG!). Seriously, you’re in for a re-charge with this conference. If you work in Medicaid-expansion challenged environments (stay where you are, first of all), you will get what you need to keep plugging away, all the way to the finish line.”

Leni Preston of Maryland Women's Coalition for Health Care Reform told us, "Health Action is the one opportunity all year to be in the same room with the most effective health care reform advocates in the country to discuss the hottest topics of the day and to plan for the future. An event not to be missed."

And if you still don’t believe how special our state partners make this event, Regina Wise, the hardest working conference manager on the planet, told me what makes the conference special to her:

“This is my 19th year of being involved in planning and now managing Health Action, with each conference—somehow—being better than the last. Preparing for and putting on the conference is very time-consuming and stressful, but I’m always happy to see my old friends I’ve made over the years and putting names to faces of new ones, all of us sharing the same passion—making the promise of affordable, quality health care a reality for all Americans.”

Health Action is about you, the advocates, and we hope you can join us this year to celebrate our successes and to prepare for the year ahead.