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Thursday, March 4, 2010

12 good reasons to embrace health reform

A recent Kaiser Poll showed that while Americans are split on their support for the health care legislation in general, they are very supportive of individual aspects of the legislation. The logic then follows-to generate more support among those that are wary, we need to be clear about the all of the protections and benefits Americans will receive with health reform.

Families USA has outlined a dozen excellent reasons why every American should support reform in their new piece, 12 Good Reasons to Embrace Health Reform.

Here are the reasons. Health reform will:

1.      Guarantee that every American has access to high-quality health coverage, regardless of age, gender, or health status.

2.      Create a new, regulated marketplace where people can shop for the health insurance plan that best meets their needs.

3.      Ensure that all Americans have access to stable, high-quality health coverage, no matter where they work.

4.      Place limits on out-of-pocket costs so that Americans have real health security and peace of mind.

5.      Hold insurance companies accountable for how premium dollars are spent, requiring that a majority of the money they collect is spent on patient care.

6.      Clamp down on insurance company abuses, protecting consumers against losing their coverage when they need it most.

7.      Provide sliding-scale subsidies to make health insurance premiums affordable for hard-working, middle-class families.

8.      Extend much-needed relief to small businesses, easing the burden of high health care costs.

9.      Protect access to care to health coverage for young adults by requiring that insurers allow all dependents to remain on their parents' plan through age 26.

10.    Expand Medicaid to millions of low-income working families who currently fall through the cracks.

11.    Improve Medicare by helping seniors and people with disabilities to afford their drugs and preventive care by making Medicare fiscally secure.

12.     Implement long overdue steps to invest in preventive care, improve the quality of health care overall, and curb unnecessary health care spending.

Read the piece to get more detail about why these changes are needed and how they will help the public. With all the misinformation in the media, it's important to bring the focus of the health care debate back to why reform is vital, and to make these reasons clear to health care consumers across the country.