Dee Mahan

Director of Medicaid Initiatives

Dee Mahan is Director of Medicaid Initiatives where her work focuses on protecting and expanding Medicaid coverage at both the federal and state levels and working for policy changes that support Medicaid consumers’ access to care. In this capacity, Dee leads Families USA’s policy work related to 1115 coverage waivers; state and federal legislation and waivers that would reduce Medicaid coverage; and efforts with state partners to support efforts to expand Medicaid coverage. This work includes analyses of proposed Medicaid program changes; working with state partners to develop and implement strategies related to state legislation and waivers; drafting state and federal comments on proposed waivers; and evaluating the impact of waiver programs post-implementation.

She has authored numerous analyses on the benefits of Medicaid coverage, including its impact on children, residents in rural areas, and working families, as well as analyses of the program’s broad economic benefits to states and the positive economic effects of expanding Medicaid coverage. She has also analyzed the coverage, health and economic impact of proposals that would reduce coverage, including proposals to add work-requirements or other eligibility restrictions to Medicaid; to change the federal payment structure to a block-grant or per-capita cap; and, state and federal proposals to cut Medicaid funding.

In addition to her work on Medicaid policy, Dee also has expertise in policy issues related to long-term services and supports, prescription drugs, Medicare, and NIH funding for global health research. Prior to joining Families USA, Dee was a Vice-President at Lash Group where she provided strategic consulting services to health care providers, principally academic medical centers, and to pharmaceutical companies in the development and implementation of patient assistance programs.

Dee has a J.D. and post-doctorate degree in health care administration from George Washington University.