Families USA's work centers on the following four focus areas which we believe are crucial for achieving our vision of a nation where everyone has access to the best health and health care.


Our current health care system is riddled with inefficiencies that increase costs and harm patients. At Families USA, we are working hard to remedy this problem with a robust health transformation agenda designed to ensure all families get the support they need to live healthy lives, including receiving high-quality, low-cost, consumer-centered health care. A key part of this work is helping state consumer leaders share best practices and learn from one another.


One of Families USA’s most important social justice missions is building a nation where no one faces barriers to a healthy life because of who they are or where they live. To achieve this goal, we are working with a highly diverse coalition of partners, including people of color, people with disabilities, rural communities, ethnic communities, and others to create a policy agenda to address inequities. We also are increasingly focused on addressing the social determinants of health by exploring upstream approaches, such as those employing community health worker models that protect and improve health, thereby preventing the need for medical care.


We believe that a critical aspect of good health for all families is the ability to obtain comprehensive and affordable health insurance coverage, and we continue to lead efforts on the national and state levels to protect and expand such coverage. We produce research, analysis, and messaging to defend and strengthen the Medicaid program and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This includes working in a nonpartisan manner with community leaders, governors, and state legislators to identify innovative ways to expand coverage for low-income people and other vulnerable populations, as well as to ensure health insurance works for all socioeconomic levels in the nation. 

Consumer Engagement

Too often, the consumer voice is an afterthought in local, state, and national efforts to reshape our health care system. Families USA is working to address this problem by researching and giving broad voice to consumer perspectives, and exploring new ways that enable consumers to engage on health care issues.