June 14, 2013

New State-led Analyses Confirm that Medicaid Expansion Yields Financial Benefits for States

We’ve said it over and over—expanding Medicaid is not just a good deal for people who gain health insurance coverage, but it’s a good deal financially for states.  And now a new report by the Urban Institute, “Medicaid Expansion Under the ACA: How States Analyze the Fiscal and Economic Trade-Offs,”  reaches that same conclusion. The study (issued by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation) takes an in-depth look at economic analyses of Medicaid expansion in ten very different states.

September 11, 2012

Medicaid Leads to Better Education

Amy Traver

Staff Writer

In June, the Supreme Court ruled that states would not be required to expand their Medicaid programs. Many of our bloggers have already told you a bit about why expanding Medicaid is critical for states. But I want to throw one more reason out there: expanding Medicaid can help improve education.

August 23, 2012

What Advocates Need to Know about Medicaid

Megan Salzman

Staff Writer

This past June, the Supreme Court made the historic decision to uphold Obamacare. Although the decision declared the Affordable Care Act constitutional, the Supreme Court’s opinion made one change to the law: Under the ruling, the expansion of Medicaid was changed from a requirement for states to an option.

It’s critical that states choose to expand.  

May 23, 2013

5 Great New Ways for States to Help People Get (and Keep) Medicaid Coverage

Sarah Bagge

Staff Writer

On May 17, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released a list of five great options states can use to ensure that low-income people get and keep Medicaid coverage when the new simplified, streamlined enrollment system opens in October 2013. (It’s important to note that those determined eligible for Medicaid before the end of the year won’t receive benefits until January 2014, unless they are currently eligible for Medicaid.) As states attempt to enroll millions of new applicants in coverage, the following options will make it easier for them to ensure people get covered:

August 17, 2012

“Sorry, you are poor, but not poor enough”

Megan Salzman

Staff Writer

Imagine a social service agency telling you, “Sorry, you are poor, but not poor enough for health care coverage.” For Sandra Pico from Florida, that is reality. Sandra works full time, making $15,000 a year, to cover expenses for her husband and daughter.


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