December 2014

Medicaid Expansion and Rural Hospital Closures

A state's decision to forgo Medicaid expansion affects the staying power of hospitals in rural areas. This map compares recent rural hospital closures in Medicaid expansion states against closures in states that have not expanded Medicaid.

Issue Brief
November 2014

Standards for Health Insurance Provider Networks: Examples from the States

When health plans design their provider networks, they need to ensure that these networks are adequate and provide meaningful access to care. The Affordable Care Act established the first-ever federal rights guaranteeing private insurance consumers access to adequate networks. 

October 2015

Stop, Shop, and Enroll for Health Insurance

Many consumers have plans from 2014 and will simply opt to renew. And, for many, renewal is the best option. But, as our infographic shows, to make sure that they are getting the best plan this year, all consumers should head to the marketplace to shop for plans during open enrollment season. 

October 2014

2014 Governors’ Races and Medicaid Expansion

Of the 23 states that have not expanded Medicaid, 15 have gubernatorial races in November—setting the stage for potential Medicaid expansion in 2015.Our infographic shows the five states where the outcome of the governor’s race could be pivotal.

October 2014

Network Adequacy 101: An Explainer

This slideshow lays out a basic explanation of what comprises an adequate network. It also describes the first-ever federal standards for network adequacy and the burgeoning number of state regulations in place to enforce them.

Issue Brief
March 2015

Medicaid Expansion and Health Disparities: Hispanics

In communities of color, where rates of uninsurance and poor health outcomes are higher than in white communities, the differences between those who have insurance and those who lack it are stark.

Short Analysis
July 2015

Momentum on Medicaid Expansion

Learn about the multiple benefits of Medicaid expansion that are fueling the movement to expand Medicaid across the country.


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