Fact Sheet
March 2018

Seven Reasons the Trump Administration's Short-Term Health Plans Are Harmful to Families

The Trump Administration wants to turn back the clock on protections for health care consumers established by the Affordable Care Act. This latest act of sabotage on the health law came in the form of a proposed rule released by the Department of Health and Human Services. The proposed rule would make it legal to sell “short-term insurance” plans for long periods of time that do not comply with the ACA’s consumer protections.

Short Analysis
February 2018

The Trump Administration’s Blueprint for Health Care

Earlier this week, the Trump Administration released its proposed budget for fiscal year 2019. This is the president’s first full budget proposal since taking office and it outlines the administration’s vision for the future. Although the budget proposal is non-binding and many elements need congressional approval for enactment, the administration can implement some of these policies on its own, through regulations, executive orders, and guidance. This is an eye-opening and chilling road map for where the administration wants to take health care for families and children.

February 2018

Medicaid Waivers Webinar: Work Requirements and Beyond

Listen to our webinar on on how state advocates can address Medicaid waiver proposals that include work requirements and other restrictions, as well as tools available for state advocates to address similar proposals.

Fact Sheet
February 2018

Health Insurance Down Payments: The Maryland Plan

To protect their residents, some states are considering using their own income tax systems to replace the federal government’s enforcement of the individual mandate. But another approach under consideration in Maryland would both prevent the harm forecast by CBO while taking new steps to insure families who would otherwise remain without coverage.

Not only would Maryland’s approach increase coverage, newly insured young and healthy residents would improve the overall risk pool, stabilizing markets and lowering premiums for numerous insured residents who buy individual coverage. 

Fact Sheet
February 2018

Idaho Insurance Plans Violate Health Care Law and Require Federal Action

Idaho state officials sought to create “state-based plans” for health insurance that would set a precedent for individual market insurance plans that could deny coverage for preexisting conditions. The Idaho health insurance guidelines would put older and sicker residents at a disadvantage. 

Fact Sheet
January 2018

America’s Seniors Need Medicare Oral Health Coverage

Nearly 60 million seniors and disabled persons rely on the Medicare program – and only about one-third of them have any coverage for oral health care. The Medicare statute currently excludes coverage for almost all oral health care. As a result, people with Medicare coverage suffer the physical and financial consequences of untreated dental problems.

Issue Brief
December 2017

Using Hospital Community Benefits to Improve Access to Oral Health Care

As part of their tax obligation to provide benefits to the community beyond hospital care, nonprofit hospitals can fund oral health initiatives such as community dental clinics, mobile dental services, vouchers for dental care and oral health advocacy coalitions in the communities they serve. In this issue brief we explain how to advocate for such initiatives.


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