Protecting Medicaid

Protecting Medicaid from Cuts and Harmful Changes

To date, Republicans have been unable to fulfill their quest to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This is due to the public outcry whenever they got close to passing a bill. But, while the ACA remains the law of the land, Medicaid is still in jeopardy of being cut in the future, both federally and at the state level. Stay tuned to this section of our site for updates to attacks on Medicaid or sign up for our list to be kept up to date.

Medicaid 101

Medicaid is an essential part of America’s safety net and is relied upon by tens of millions of working families, children, seniors, people with disabilities in our country. It helps fund doctors and hospitals that deliver health care to people who would otherwise be unable to pay. Without Medicaid, providers would still have to offer these services; they would just have to absorb the cost, hurting the system overall.

In addition to benefiting individuals, Medicaid provides an economic boost to the states, with the federal government covering most of the costs, pumping millions into state economies.

Any cuts made to Medicaid would shift health care costs to the states, hurting local economies, and jeopardizing care and coverage for millions.