Issue Brief
December 2017

Using Hospital Community Benefits to Improve Access to Oral Health Care

As part of their tax obligation to provide benefits to the community beyond hospital care, nonprofit hospitals can fund oral health initiatives such as community dental clinics, mobile dental services, vouchers for dental care and oral health advocacy coalitions in the communities they serve. In this issue brief we explain how to advocate for such initiatives.

December 5, 2017

Why the Tax Bill Will Be Devastating to Health Care in America

The House and Senate have each passed a tax bill and are now coming together in a conference committee to decide on a single bill that can pass each chamber. One thing’s for sure about the bill they will come up with: If passed, it will gut health coverage for millions and set the stage for massive cuts to Medicaid, Medicare, and the Affordable Care Act. This tax plan is a health care bill and a way to end the ACA through the backdoor.

Fact Sheet
November 2017

How the Tax Bill Will Force States to Cut Medicaid

One of the most destructive ways the tax bill attacks health care has gotten the least attention.

In addition to kicking people off coverage by repealing the individual mandate and setting the stage for huge funding cuts down the road because of the ballooning deficit, the tax bill will sap states’ ability to fund vital health care programs.



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