SHARE Initiative

Families USA has created the State Health Advocacy Resources and Empowerment Initiative (SHARE). SHARE will empower consumer health advocates on the state and federal level with the information and resources they need to achieve changes in health policy that will benefit consumers. Through ongoing dialogues about innovative ideas, the sharing of best practices and lessons learned, and through strategic policy advocacy campaigns, SHARE will ensure that state and federal consumer health policy advocacy is coordinated, integrated, opportunistic and strategic.

We will work to ensure equitable access to quality healthcare for all, improve the affordability and value of health care for consumers, and build healthy communities.

This permanent initiative enables advocates to engage in creative, cross-state dialogues about innovative policy ideas and advocacy strategies. In addition, SHARE will facilitate information sharing among national and state consumer health advocates and is comprised of two major components: The State Innovation Learning Collaborative (SILC) and Strategic Advocacy Campaigns (SAC).