Defending Health Care in 2018

Tell Congress to Protect and Improve Health Care in 2018

While the threats to health care may not be grabbing the headlines like they were in 2017, some lawmakers are still interested in taking away health care through cuts to Medicaid, restrictions to Medicaid, or repeal of the health law. It's important to remind members of Congress that you will hold them accountable for any action they take that damages our ability to get or afford high-quality health care. View our latest blog for more about the threats to health care we're tracking.

Take Action during President's Day Recess: February 19-23, 2018

President’s Day Recess is the first week-long recess of the year, making it a great time to check in with your members to let them know you are holding them accountable for their actions on health care in 2018! 

Use our resources to talk to your lawmakers about health care

US Map with Random Pins to Suggest Town Hall Meetings

Blog: Still Lurking: Threats to Health Care We're Tracking

Talking Points: Use these talking points with members of Congress as a basis for questions at town halls or any other interaction you might have with them while they're back home for recess.

Guide to meeting directly with your member of Congress: Face-to-face meetings with your representative or senators are among the most powerful ways to educate them about how proposed legislation will affect you. This guide outlines how to make meetings happen and how to make them effective.

President Trump's vision for health care -- GIF to share: Share this GIF to spread the word about President Trump's harmful agenda for America's health care as expressed through his recently released 2019 budget.

Medicaid Matters -- GIFs to share: Share these GIFs about why Medicaid is an essential source of health coverage in America.

Tag your senators on Twitter: Tag your senators in a tweet asking them to protect the health coverage of their constituents.


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