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Senate Could Vote on Affordable Care Act Repeal Before July 4

The Senate could vote next week, before its July 4 recess, on its harmful and heartless bill to repeal the health care law and cut Medicaid funding. Senators need to hear a loud public outcry from constituents! This page provides tools and information to help you make your case.

Action Kit

Action Alert: Tell your senators to protect America's health coverage

Call 1-866-426-2631 to be automatically connected to your senators. What you can do if your senator already opposes the bill

Tweet: Tag your senators in a tweet asking them to protect the health coverage of their constituents. 

Meet with Your Member of Congress: See How to Set up Meetings with Your Member of Congress. Face-to-face meetings with your representative or senators is one of the most powerful ways to educate them about how proposed legislation will affect you. 

Join In-Person Events: View this document to find rallies, forums, and visits planned to members of Congress in key states.

Attend a Town Hall: Check for information about public events where Members of Congress will be present. 

Write a Letter to the Editor: Help your community understand what the repeal of the Affordable Care Act will mean for you or someone you know.

Key Messages for Senators

In your calls, emails, tweets, rallies, and meetings, ask senators to reject the House bill (the American Health Care Act) and oppose any proposals that increase the number of people without health insurance or cut Medicaid funding.

To be specific, urge senators to:

  • Oppose any changes to the Medicaid program through block grants or per capita caps which will lead to giant funding cuts (block grants and per capita caps change the financing structure of Medicaid)
  • Oppose plans to end the Medicaid expansion -- proposals to "wind down" the expansion over several years are the same as eliminating it (under Obamacare, Medicaid was "expanded" to cover adults with low wages in addition to the low income parents, kids, seniors, and people with disabilities covered by traditional Medicaid) 
  • Oppose any bill that will increase the number of people without health insurance

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Background Resources

Medicaid Sign-On Letter

Families USA, along with over 120 organizations representing consumers, patients and providers, sent a letter to all Senators asking them to reject Affordable Care Act repeal proposals that threaten the health coverage and care of the 74 million vulnerable children, seniors, women, people with disabilities, working adults and others who rely on Medicaid.

This letter specifically opposes legislative efforts to cut Medicaid funding through per capita caps and block grants, as well as efforts to end the ACA’s expansion of Medicaid.