Protect Our Care

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Following the 2016 election, Families USA is partnering with a wide range of organizations to mobilize health care advocates, consumers, and patients across the country to raise public awareness about the harm that repeal would cause. 

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As Washington, D.C., prepares for the transition to a new federal government, health care advocates across the country are gearing up to fight to keep health coverage for millions of Americans who rely on it. If Donald Trump and the Republicans in Congress repeal the Affordable Care Act, more than 20 million Americans stand to lose their health insurance.

No one should have to choose between paying rent or paying for health care expenses.

We must protect the gains made for consumers under the ACA.

The Cost of Repeal

Repeal of the ACA...

  • ...will strip coverage from millions of Americans and remove important consumer protections, jeopardizing the health and financial security of people in this country.
  • ...would upend the insurance market well beyond the ACA, likely causing massive spikes in premiums and a drastic drop in the availability of coverage and services covered.
  • ...would be dangerously irresponsible without also putting in place a measure that provides the same level of care, coverage, and consumer protections the ACA currently provides.
  • …would allow insurance companies to return to the days of charging women and those with pre-existing conditions (up to 129 million individuals) significantly more for health coverage.
  • …would leave the 12 million individuals who still don’t have health any insurance without any options for affordable health care.

Where's the Replacement?

For the last six years and through more than 60 votes to repeal, conservatives have failed to offer a credible replacement plan. They simply cannot be trusted to repeal the ACA now with only a vague promise to replace it later. Individuals have gained too much under the ACA to now turn back the clock on this progress.