Protect Our Care

The first fight over the repeal of the Affordable Care Act is over. But we can’t quit now.

President Trump and congressional leaders may have failed to take down the ACA with a single bill, but they will most definitely continue to undermine the law in other ways.

We must remain vigilant and continue our commitment to protecting the gains we have made under the ACA.

You Did It! The American Health Care Act Failed

President Trump and the Republicans in Congress rushed to repeal the Affordable Care Act and were overwhelmed by public outcry over their efforts, which would have cost millions of people their health insurance. Learn more about what was at stake.

Families USA worked with national partners and health care advocates across the country to fight to keep health coverage for millions of Americans who rely on it. 

How you got involved in the campaign to #ProtectOurCare

Our voices had an impact! Thanks to the public outcry, efforts to repeal the ACA has failed and our hard-earned gains remain the law of the land.

You contacted Congress: One thing is for certain, lawmakers heard from their constituents loud and clear that the ACA deserved to be saved. We gave you tips for having in-person meetings with your elected officials and gave you a tool to easily contact your representatives

You spread the word on social media: You amplified our efforts, by RTing and sharing us on Twitter and Facebook.

You shared your story: Stories from people's experiences helped add a personal touch to campaign efforts. We encouraged advocates to share positive stories about how the ACA affected their lives.