Yasmin Abboud
Senior Director of Fundraising


Ellen Albritton  
Senior Policy Analyst


Susan Axleroad
Grants Manager


Cate Bonacini
Story Bank Coordinator


Abby Bott
Business Analysis Manager


Melissa Burroughs
Oral Health Government Affairs Advocacy Manager


Andrea Callow
Associate Director of Medicaid Initiatives


Stan Dorn
Senior Fellow


Nichole Edralin
Senior Designer


Cheryl Fish-Parcham
Director of Access Initiatives


Eliot Fishman
Senior Director of Health Policy


Raven Gomez
Campaigns Assistant


Shawn Gremminger
Senior Director of Federal Affairs


Sinsi Hernández-Cancio
Director of Health Equity


Sonia Huh
Executive Assistant


Frederick Isasi
Executive Director


Jewel Jones
Business Operations Manager


Barbara Klose
Budget and Disbursement Analyst


Michelle Loo
Story Bank Associate


Dee Mahan
Director of Medicaid Initiatives


Claire McAndrew
Director of Campaign Strategy


Edward McKinley
Events and Operations Intern


Jon Olson
Senior Director of Finance and Operations


Annette Raveneau
Media Director


Lisa Shapiro
Chief of Staff and Director of Children’s Policy


Jane Sheehan
Senior Government Affairs Manager


Maria Walawender
Health Equity Intern


Sophia Tripoli
State Campaigns Manager


Alexandra Walker
Director of Digital Communications


Patrick Willard
Senior Director of Campaigns, Outreach, and Engagement


Families USA is based in Washington, DC, at:
1225 New York Avenue NW
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 628-3030

*Staff denoted with an asterisk are based in our Massachusetts office: 
200 Baker Avenue, Suite 309
Concord, MA 01742